Policy Dialogue organised in cooperation with Nossa Europa

Speakers: Augusto Santos Silva, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Portugal; Carlos Coelho, President, Nossa Europa; Shada Islam, Senior Advisor, European Policy Centre Moderator: Corina Stratulat, Senior Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre At the end of June, Portugal will hand over the EU Council Presidency to Slovenia. Its tenure has taken place amid the COVID-19 pandemic resulting, not only in one of the deepest political and economic crises in the EU’s history but also impacting its foreign relations on the global stage. This event took stock of Portugal’s achievements during its six months at the helm of the Council, focusing on the EU’s external policy. What has been achieved in terms of the Presidency’s key priorities? How was Portugal able to contribute to strengthening the EU’s role on the international stage and to shaping the Union’s foreign policy? What are the main challenges ahead of us, especially in terms of the COVID-19 recovery? This is the final event of the “Project Presidency” event series on the Portuguese Presidency, organised with Nossa Europa. “Project Presidency” was launched in 2020 and aims to connect decision-makers and experts in Brussels with national capitals to discuss current EU policy priorities.