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Nossa Europa

The European Union in which we believe in, is a citizenship project, a construction of all Europeans. Each citizen has the right to be part of the future and to intervene at a European, national, regional and local level.

"Our Europe" wants to be a platform for the exercise of citizenship, in all dimensions.

Citizenship is: Information, Opinion, Participation, Intervention


Active citizenship requires that people have access to information.
We need serious and factual information and data, to counter manipulation, ‘alternative facts’ and ’fake news’.
Providing valid information is contributing to better citizenship.


It is not enough to be well-informed and have an opinion. Citizenship requires participation in order to make our position be heard and contribute to the community to which we belong.
We acknowledge that schools and universities play a crucial role to awaken the eagerness to participate in society by our youth..


Citizenship also means to have an opinion. It is the diversity of opinions that characterizes and enriches the plural society in which we live.
Interpreting the reality surrounding us and the information that is brought to us enables citizens to be able to critically evaluate facts.
Not having an opinion, is to give up citizenship and adopt a passive sometimes even uncritical attitude towards what others think and say. It is to resign from exercising our fundamental rights and allow others to decide for us..


Citizenship is civic intervention.
Change is not possible if we take refuge in indifference and apathy. Answering to our shared problems, demanding other responses from public authorities, questioning public policies or demanding changes in the way our societies are organised, is only possible with the intervention of all citizens.
“Our Europe” is not a political party, nor does wants to replace their role. Rather, it aims to encourage civic participation and collaborate with citizens who are active at a political union and civil society organization level.

It is a platform for reflection and civic intervention, with a pedagogical approach.

It brings together people from different political families, academia, civil society, cultural movements and businesses.

It commits itself to contribute to an informed, participative and intervening citizenship, and to support the study and the pedagogical transmission of concepts, mechanisms and processes of decisions and social intervention.

Our Europe proposes to build a new form of civic intervention and the exercise of active citizenship.

For this reason, it has the contribution of everyone who wants to participate and will base its activity on projects such as:

Europe from A to Z

To give continuity to the largest Dictionary of European Terms in the Portuguese language and ensure its free online access through the website EUROOGLE.COM


Explain in a simple way the European decision-making processes and mechanisms which are key to the exercise of citizenship. This will be done through the production and dissemination of infographics, flowcharts and diagrams.

Citizenship Dictionary

Create and launch the Dictionary for the exercise of citizenship with a simplified explanation of concepts, acronyms and expressions essential for the daily life of any community.

Tour of Citizenship

Hold a cycle of conferences on schools on the functioning and policies of the European Union. Develop and make available pedagogical modules on the functioning of the EU, also guaranteeing the production of information documents and supporting notebooks adapted to different age groups.

45 Concepts, 45 Personalities

To mark the 45th anniversary of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, we will publish 45 one-minute online videos , which explain concepts of citizenship and provisions of the fundamental Law presented by well-known personalities.

Citizenship Academy

Design in collaboration with higher education institutions, a postgraduate study plan intended to deepen the knowledge of European policies and the intricate European decision-making process explaining the different roles and stages.